Levelers, Seals, Shelters, Loading Lights & More

Keep business running smoothly and safety with quality products and service for all your loading dock needs. Cheney Door Company provides professional, high-quality service and installation of the various components to ensuring proper dock operation. We provide service to companies in Wichita, Hutchinson, Salina and surrounding Kansas towns.


PowerAmpLogoEnsure safety standards and eliminate downtown with smooth docker operation. Cheney Door Company provides hydraulic, mechanical, and edge-of-dock levelers. Our broad selection of truck restraints provides maximum holding power to eliminate trailer creep. We also offer dock communication systems, bar-lift barriers, and bascule bridges.

Cheney Door Company uses the best dock systems around. We are an official distributor of Poweramp premium loading dock systems. This Midwest-based company has been manufacturing dock levelers since 1961.


Eliminate the unnecessary heat loss and subsequent energy cost with a dock seal or dock shelter. Proper fit and installation will address those gaps that could be costing you hundreds of dollars every year. And you will help keep elements of nature out of your facility, from dust and wind to rodents and bugs.

fairbornCheney Door Company provides both the professional installation of loading dock seals and loading dock shelters. Every dock is unique, so we do a custom fit to ensure the right device is installed exactly as it needs to thoroughly do the job.

Cheney Door is a proud supplier of Fairborn USA Inc brand of seals and shelters. Based out of Ohio, Fairborn has been the leader in manufacturing dock enclosures since 1975.

fairborn1 fairborn loading dock equipment


Cheney Door Company will handle your company’s dock lighting needs. No need to work in insufficient light. We will work to provide the right lighting needed for your loading dock space. We sell fans, too.

  • Our broad selection of dock lighting includes:
  • Incandescent/halogen
  • Metal halide
  • High pressure sodium
  • Quartz halogen


Ensuring safety for everyone is essential. Cheney Door Company provides a variety of loading dock safety equipment that helps guarantee you are providing the safest working environment. We work with only high-quality manufacturers to provide equipment you can rely on year after year.

IronGuard bluff

We are suppliers of both the IronGuard and Bluff brand of products.

  • Loading Dock Safety – Bumpers, Wheel Chocks and Trailer Stands
  • Area Protection – Rack, Rail, Door and Column Guarding
  • Collision avoidance – Forklift safety systems and more
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Parking Zone Safety
  • Bollards
  • Door Track Guard
  • Modular Protective Barriers
  • Post and Column Protectors
  • Safety Rails
  • And more!

loading dock equipment truckAvoid a snowy disaster with the DuraSweeper® commercial vehicle rooftop snow removal machine. This innovative device utilizes a 32-inch poly wafer brush that is mounted on an axle to two uprights and angled for more effective snow removal.

Loading Dock Equipment in Wichita, Salina & Hutchinson

Ensure full safety and work efficiency with improved loading dock equipment. With quality products and installation from Cheney Door Company, you can be assured you have the loading dock equipment installed properly to work effectively and safely. Request a free quote today.

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