How Long Does It Take To Install a Garage Door?

Beautiful garage doors installed at Wichita home by Cheney Door Company

The Time & Process to Replace An Overhead Door

Beautiful garage doors installed at Wichita home by Cheney Door Company

Garage doors serve a lot of important functions for a home. They provide convenience, safety, and security to homeowners.

But how long does it take to install a garage door?

When you get the work done by professional garage door installers like those at Cheney Door Company, you can expect a minimal amount of time and hassle to have a completely new garage door on your home. We’ve been installing garages in Kansas for 50 years!


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Garage Door Replacement Process

What is the work that goes into replacing an old overhead door? Before any work gets started, homeowners need to do some basic steps to ensure quick and safe work for the entire installation process.

Whether you get the installation handled by a professional or anyone else, these three things need to be done.

  1. Remove all the vehicles and large equipment from the garage.
  2. Clear out the area around the garage door of smaller items such as bicycles or boxes.
  3. Ensure the area is safe. That means making sure kids or pets can’t get into the area.


3 homeowner steps for safety in replacing a garage door


Steps for Installing

The work of the garage door installer includes:

  • Disassembling and removing the old overhead door
  • Placing the new garage door panels
  • Installing tracks and rollers that move the garage door up and down
  • Attaching the springs and cables to the system
  • Installing a new garage door opener
  • Testing the door for smooth operation


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Factors that Affect Garage Door Installation Time

The work to replace a garage door is usually done in a single day. It can take as little as 4-6 hours, especially if professional garage door installers are doing it.

It typically takes less time if an installer is only installing a new overhead door. Replacing an old garage door does add additional work to the job.

  • How large of an overhead door is getting installed? A larger one can require more time.
  • How many garage doors are getting installed? Having dual doors can increase how long the installation takes, but not necessarily doubling the time.
  • What is the weather like? While Cheney Door Company installs overhead doors year-round, there are some times of the year when it is best to get the installation done. Typically, this is when there are good weather conditions.

Contact Cheney Door Company to schedule a time for one of our professional installers to replace your overhead door.

DIY: Can You Install a Garage Door Yourself?

Installing a new door, or replacing an old one, can be complicated work. It is not typically a DIY job that non-professionals can easily do themselves.

How long does it take to install a garage door? It’s going to take longer if you install it yourself. Here are some things to consider before installing an overhead door by yourself.

Reasons to Not Install a Garage Door Yourself

  • Garage doors (and even some of their components) are heavy
  • You may not have the proper tools
  • The opening mechanism can be complicated to get working properly
  • Professional installation often comes with a warranty or guarantee
  • Replacing a spring can be dangerous

NOTE OF WARNING: On that last point, homeowners need to understand that the spring component in a garage door can be dangerous to deal with on your own. It is built to counterbalance the force of a garage door that can weigh several hundred pounds. Accidents, such as lacerations or injuries to the hand or face, have happened when people without the proper tools or training attempt to repair or replace the garage door spring themselves.


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Cheney Door Company Installs Beautiful Garage Doors

Beautiful garage door with accessories installed in Kansas by Cheney Door CompanyRequest a free quote online from Cheney Door Company today to get started on getting a new garage door installed for your home.

You can visit our showrooms to get an in-person look at the various options you have in selecting the perfect garage door for your home. From style to color to window design, there are many ways you can customize the perfect garage door for you. Let us help!

Call on Cheney Door Company for everything from garage door service repair to a complete replacement. In the Wichita area, call (316) 262-2098. In Hutchinson, call (620) 669-9306, and in Salina, call (785) 820-8366.


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