Garage Door Makes Loud Noise When Opening

Cheney co working on garage door makes loud noise when opening

How to Fix a Squeaky Garage Door

Cheney co working on garage door makes loud noise when opening

Are you disturbing the neighborhood every time you open your garage door? If your garage door makes a loud noise when opening, you may have a relatively minor problem, but an annoying one, nonetheless.

The local garage experts at Cheney Door Company have run across every problem a garage door can have. When a garage door isn’t opening quietly anymore, there are several potential causes of the problem. While we can be called out to fix any issue you are having, we want to give you some of the most common reasons behind a loud garage door. Also, there are several troubleshooting steps a homeowner can take on their own to try to get a garage door quiet again.

First, let’s take a look at – or rather, a listen to – what sound your garage door is making. Different sounds can indicate different problems.


Grinding or Squeaky Garage Door

A squeaky garage door is often a lubrication problem. If you hear a grinding noise or squeaking sounds, that could mean the rollers in your garage door system are worn out or are not lubricated enough.

2. DIY easy troubleshooting fix for squeaky garage doorTROUBLESHOOTING STEP:
You can see if the problem is simply a lubrication issue by applying a lithium-based lubricant or silicone-based grease to lubricate the rollers.

If that doesn’t fix the loud noise, it could mean the rollers are worn out. You’ll need to call a professional repair technician to get that handled.


Request garage door repair service in Kansas


Popping Noise

Broken torque spring repaired by Cheney Door Company in WichitaIf the loud sound you hear when opening your garage door is popping, that’s a good sign that the problem is with your torsion spring. Although, that’s a rather bad problem to have. While the fix may be quick, the torsion spring is a hazardous component to your garage door system and can cause serious injury if not handled correctly.

Dangerous repairs should not be a DIY homeowner taskThe torsion spring is located above the garage door after you have closed it. This is different than the extension springs, which are by the tracks on the sides of the door.

For this reason, you should always call in a professional to handle any issue with your torsion spring. If you hear your garage door popping, contact us at Cheney Door to request service for a quick repair.


Garage Door is Rattling

DIY easy troubleshooting fix for squeaky garage doorA rattling garage door is one that probably has something – or several somethings – loose. Nuts, bolts, or screws could have gotten loose and so are causing the rattling sound when your garage door is opening or closing.

Look for loose bolts or nuts and try tightening them with a wrench and socket set. Make sure you don’t overtighten, or you could strip the crew holes. And remember, leave that torsion spring alone.



Dangerous repairs should not be a DIY homeowner taskWhenever you are doing garage door repair work, you want to be sure there is no chance for another person to operate the garage door. You could be injured by someone trying to open or close it while you’re handling repairs. Disconnect your garage door opener to make sure no one can try to open the door while you are working on it.


Fixing a Noisy Garage Door

If your garage makes a loud noise when opening or run into any other problems, count on Cheney Door Company to provide repairs and complete door service, even if we didn’t install it. We can often get a problem fixed and have your garage door working well – and quietly – quickly. If it is a problem with your garage door opener, we can fix those issues or install a new garage door opener.


Request garage door repair service in Kansas


Repair or Replace?

If you have a garage door over 15-20 years old, you may find that you will be better served by replacing your new garage door. While this problem of a loud or squeaky garage door may be easy to fix, an older system may require more repairs over the coming years. Our skilled technicians can walk you through your options, costs, and benefits to how a modern garage door can improve your home’s beauty, safety, and energy efficiency.


Call on Cheney to Quiet Your Squeaky Garage Door

If you need any help repairing your garage door opener, contact Cheney Door Company. In Wichita, call us at (316) 262-2098. We are available for 24/7 emergency service.

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