How Long Does It Take To Install a Garage Door?

Beautiful garage doors installed at Wichita home by Cheney Door Company

The Time & Process to Replace An Overhead Door

Beautiful garage doors installed at Wichita home by Cheney Door Company

Garage doors serve a lot of important functions for a home. They provide convenience, safety, and security to homeowners.

But how long does it take to install a garage door?

When you get the work done by professional garage door installers like those at Cheney Door Company, you can expect a minimal amount of time and hassle to have a completely new garage door on your home. We’ve been installing garages in Kansas for 50 years!


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Garage Door Replacement Process

What is the work that goes into replacing an old overhead door? Before any work gets started, homeowners need to do some basic steps to ensure quick and safe work for the entire installation process.

Whether you get the installation handled by a professional or anyone else, these three things need to be done.

  1. Remove all the vehicles and large equipment from the garage.
  2. Clear out the area around the garage door of smaller items such as bicycles or boxes.
  3. Ensure the area is safe. That means making sure kids or pets can’t get into the area.


3 homeowner steps for safety in replacing a garage door


Steps for Installing

The work of the garage door installer includes:

  • Disassembling and removing the old overhead door
  • Placing the new garage door panels
  • Installing tracks and rollers that move the garage door up and down
  • Attaching the springs and cables to the system
  • Installing a new garage door opener
  • Testing the door for smooth operation


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Factors that Affect Garage Door Installation Time

The work to replace a garage door is usually done in a single day. It can take as little as 4-6 hours, especially if professional garage door installers are doing it.

It typically takes less time if an installer is only installing a new overhead door. Replacing an old garage door does add additional work to the job.

  • How large of an overhead door is getting installed? A larger one can require more time.
  • How many garage doors are getting installed? Having dual doors can increase how long the installation takes, but not necessarily doubling the time.
  • What is the weather like? While Cheney Door Company installs overhead doors year-round, there are some times of the year when it is best to get the installation done. Typically, this is when there are good weather conditions.

Contact Cheney Door Company to schedule a time for one of our professional installers to replace your overhead door.

DIY: Can You Install a Garage Door Yourself?

Installing a new door, or replacing an old one, can be complicated work. It is not typically a DIY job that non-professionals can easily do themselves.

How long does it take to install a garage door? It’s going to take longer if you install it yourself. Here are some things to consider before installing an overhead door by yourself.

Reasons to Not Install a Garage Door Yourself

  • Garage doors (and even some of their components) are heavy
  • You may not have the proper tools
  • The opening mechanism can be complicated to get working properly
  • Professional installation often comes with a warranty or guarantee
  • Replacing a spring can be dangerous

NOTE OF WARNING: On that last point, homeowners need to understand that the spring component in a garage door can be dangerous to deal with on your own. It is built to counterbalance the force of a garage door that can weigh several hundred pounds. Accidents, such as lacerations or injuries to the hand or face, have happened when people without the proper tools or training attempt to repair or replace the garage door spring themselves.


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Cheney Door Company Installs Beautiful Garage Doors

Beautiful garage door with accessories installed in Kansas by Cheney Door CompanyRequest a free quote online from Cheney Door Company today to get started on getting a new garage door installed for your home.

You can visit our showrooms to get an in-person look at the various options you have in selecting the perfect garage door for your home. From style to color to window design, there are many ways you can customize the perfect garage door for you. Let us help!

Call on Cheney Door Company for everything from garage door service repair to a complete replacement. In the Wichita area, call (316) 262-2098. In Hutchinson, call (620) 669-9306, and in Salina, call (785) 820-8366.


7 Things to Consider before Buying a New Front Door

Kansas Guide to buying a new front door graphic

How to Choose the Perfect Entry Door for your Home

Kansas Guide to buying a new front door graphic

One of the easiest ways to make a big improvement on your home’s exterior is with a new front door. Replacing a drab or aging front door with a new one professionally installed is one of the quickest, most affordable, and most impactful upgrades to dramatically improving your home’s curb appeal.

Buying a new entry door comes with a lot of options, and it can feel overwhelming. From color to material, you have an incredible amount of decisions in customizing the perfect entry door for your help. To help make those decisions easier, we provide this guide to getting the perfect door for your home. Get expert help from the Kansas door experts at Cheney Door Company.

Keeping in mind what features you want most from your new front entryway – whether it’s security, style, convenience, or energy efficiency – we’ve compiled some buying tips to help make sure you purchase the perfect one for your needs:

  1. Materials
  2. Surface Style
  3. Windows
  4. Single vs. Double
  5. Color
  6. Kansas Weather
  7. Installers

Materials to Consider when Buying a New Front Door

What material would you like your front door to be? Today’s options for residential front doors include steel, fiberglass, and wood.


Steel is an excellent option if you want a durable door that holds up over time. It is also an excellent choice for providing security to your home. Steel doors typically cost the least and do not need to be painted every few years.


Fiberglass provides insulation with no maintenance required but can cost more than steel doors. They are an excellent choice for harsh or humid climates.


Wood has many options, including oak, pine, and cedar. And beyond deciding the wood type, you can choose from various finishes. Wood doors have a beautiful natural look, but the downside is that they show wear much more quickly than other materials. The sun and rain and eventually cause wood doors to warp and bow.

Solid real wood doors typically cost the most. But there are many front door options with an interior that is steel or fiberglass, but the exterior is wood. Typically when discussing door material, it is the surface material that is referenced. It is also that surface material that most affects the door’s durability, appearance, and cost.

The best way to find what material will work best for your home is to see it in person. You can visit any of our 3 Cheney Door Company locations – Wichita, Hutchinson, and Salina – to visit a showroom filled with various front door options. You can chat with one of our entry door experts as you review the material options side-by-side.

Door Surface Style

Panel entry doorFlush front door with windowAnother option for a front door is how that material is shaped. A flush door has a completely flat surface like a table.

Most front doors have some kind of paneling, as seen in the left image. Paneled doors, a more traditional look, were initially created to help minimize cracking and warping of wood doors.

There are also types of doors with a decorative option, as seen in the image to the right.


Entry Door Windows

The above images show how windows can play a massive role in the look and design of your new front door. From a small crescent window at the top to a window that takes up more space than the door material itself, you may find deciding on a window to be the first and most impactful decision on what your new door will look like.

If you enjoy a large amount of light in your entryway inside your home, a large window made from insulating glass in your front door may be a good idea for you. You can get doors with windows built into them or install transom windows, windows that sit just above an exterior door.

There are also additional window features you can add to your total new entry door space. Sidelites are narrow, vertical windows on one or both sides of an exterior door.

What do you do when you want natural light to filter through your entry door but don’t want the whole neighborhood to see inside your house? You get privacy glass, or in this case of the photo below, decorative privacy glass!

ProVia front door with sidelites and transom

The ProVia Signet door here lets light come through the sidelites, transom, and the door itself with decorative glass that offers privacy between your family and the outside world. The ProVia Signet doors are great examples of highly durable fiberglass doors with a stunning woodgrain finish. Cheney Door Company is proud to be a provider and installer of ProVia doors and ProVia windows.

Double The Beauty with Double Doors

You may also decide to make a renovation to upgrade your single-entry door with double doors, also known as french doors. There are many benefits to double doors for your entryway. For starters, they provide easy access to your house. They also create a more formal and elegant entrance that is perfect for entertaining guests or having the family over on weekends.

Front Door Color Choice

How to choose the right color for a new door? Much comes down to a matter of personal preference. You may find it quite lovely to have a door that provides a pop of color, such as a bright red or yellow front door. Or you may want your door to blend into your home’s exterior paint, whether exactly matching it or being a complementary color that blends well together.

Simply having a bright red door will not necessarily mean your door will “pop.” Consider the exterior of your home. As you can see in the below photos, both are red doors. But the image on the right shows a door that blends in with the home’s reddish wood exterior.

Red front doors with white porch   Red entry door with wood house


Check out our page on Entry Doors for many more examples of beautiful new front door installations.

Front Door Factors for Kansas

Kansas winds are strong. The best way to protect a beautiful new front door is with a storm door. Storm doors are designed to withstand wind and weather with their sturdy construction while also providing a barrier against the elements.

With our selection of storm doors, you will be sure to find one that’s just right for your needs! You can look through various storm door examples at our website, or you can stop by our showrooms at any of our three locations to see them in person.

New Front Door Installation

Typically, new doors are installed by professionals in about two hours. Paying amateurs or handymen less experienced in installing entry doors is likely to increase how long this installation takes. So if you’re paying some person an hourly rate, what was supposed to be cheaper labor does not always equal a cheaper cost. Plus, you may end up with a door that does not completely hang right or never shuts properly.

Cheney Door Company has been servicing homes across southcentral Kansas for 50 years. We have the experience and the track record of installing high-quality doors by professional installers.

What can you expect with a professional front door installation from Cheney Door Company?

  • Installation is a relatively easy process
  • The installation will be done quickly, with no need for major construction inside your house or garage. This means that you don’t have to spend hours and days without an entrance; the work can take place over one day
  • There won’t be any messy clean up following the job–the installers are professionals who leave behind nothing but a beautifully installed door in its new location

Cheney Door Company vehicles outside Wichita home

While there is never a wrong time to get a front door installed (except perhaps when a record-breaking cold-snap or heatwave sweeps across Kansas), typically the best time to get a front door installed is during milder weather such as early spring or fall.

A lot of materials went up in cost in 2021 due to issues with the pandemic. In fact, costs were about 25% more in June of 2021 compared to the previous year. Fortunately, we are seeing prices level back out.

You do not have to be left worrying about how much a new front door will cost. Contact Cheney Door Company provides a free quote for new entry door installation and will be happy to walk you through your options including costs.

Call us at Cheney Door Company in Wichita at (316) 262-2098. For our Salina office, call (785) 820-8366, and in the Hutchinson area, call (620) 669-9306.

Check out some of our amazing front door transformations!

New Front Door: Benefits for Years to Come

Overall, the cost of a new high-quality door is going to pay off. With improved energy efficiency, ease of use, and peace of mind for the security of your home and family, a new front door is more than about improving the look of your home (although it does that, too!). Plus, it is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Choosing a new front door for your home is a big decision. It is important to take into account the style, material, and color choice. If you are unsure what would work best for your home or need help narrowing down the options, call Cheney Door Company today. Our team of experts will walk you through all of our available products and provide expert installation services so that beautifully designed doors can be added to any space quickly and easily.

Our installation experts have a beautiful new door that is just perfect for you. Contact Cheney Door Company today to learn how you can get started on a new front door for your home!

New Windows for Beauty & Efficiency

ProVia Aeris bay window in a bedroom

7 Reasons to Get ProVia Replacement Windows Before Winter

Are you trying to determine which home improvement projects to complete before winter comes? One of the best improvements to your house that impacts both style and energy efficiency is installing new windows.

ProVia Windows, installed here in Kansas by Cheney Door Company, is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl windows in North America. They are known for their excellent customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing.

New Windows to Improve Every Room in Your Home

We commonly think of bigger windows, like the ProVia Aeris bay window shown here, as elements of a living room or dining room, but they are just as fitting in a bedroom! Imagine waking up in the morning to a big, beautiful view and some fresh air!

ProVia Aeris bay window in a bedroom

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to upgrade your windows before this winter. You can lower heating costs in the cold and windy months. You can have peace of mind knowing that your home finally has windows that won’t leak or break as old ones do.

7 Reasons to Get ProVia Replacement Windows Installed

  1. You will save money on your home energy bills. ProVia Windows are energy efficient and protect your home from drafty cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer.
  2. Windows are fantastic at improving your home’s curb appeal. With a variety of styles, colors, and shapes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect window for your home
  3. You will have windows you can rely on, even during Kansas storm season. ProVia Windows are durable and long-lasting, tested to withstand strong winds and forced entry.
  4. ProVia is a trusted faith-based American company that has been in business since 1984 (nearly as long as Cheney Door Company who started in 1972).
  5. Many ProVia Window products come with a lifetime warranty!
  6. New windows are easy to maintain and clean, which is perfect for busy homeowners
  7. Cheney Door Company offers free estimates with no obligation – so what do you have to lose?! Give us a call at (316) 262-2098 in Wichita. Or outside of Wichita, contact our Hutchinson or Salina locations.


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ProVia’s FineLine technology for new windowsOnce you see a window with ProVia’s FineLine technology, you’ll never want a window without it. The FineLine process provides an enhanced fit and finish to Endure vinyl windows and is standard on all laminated vinyl products with the option to upgrade on white, beige, and sandstone vinyl. With such a clean finish, we know this will be a popular choice!

Variety of Window Styles & Options

ProVia offers several types of windows. Depending on your style, budget, and needs, you will have plenty of options to get exactly the new windows you and your home need.

ProVia logo

Endure™ are incredibly durable vinyl windows. They are ProVia’s most energy-efficient windows as well meeting ENERGY STAR window standards for specific climate zones. Endure new windows have even been rated #1 for quality by Remodeling Magazine!

The Aspect™ line of windows is a higher-end window. It has incredibly high durability and energy efficiency with triple weatherstripping and phenomenal thermal performance to keep the extreme outside temperatures stay outside. Aspect windows come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rely upon these windows lasting you as long as you live in your home!

ProVia’s ecoLite™ windows, launched in 2015, are a popular option bringing homeowners the quality and efficiency they need in their budget. Made in the USA, these windows come in five beautiful styles and are an excellent fit for single or multi-family homes.

The Aeris window options give you the beautiful look of wood with the benefits of vinyl. Keep the interior look of your home with beautiful, efficient windows that match your design and style.

New Windows are a Smart Investment for Your Home

Replacing vinyl windows has recently been ranked as one of the Top 6 Financially Smart Home Improvements you can make! That means that most of what you spend in upgrading your windows will be shown in increased value for your home. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value report, vinyl window replacement has a return of 72.3%.

List of Top 6 Financially Smart Home Improvements

Check out this beautiful home in Hutch! With a store location in Hutchinson, Cheney Door Company provides service to the entire city and surrounding communities. We installed an Aeris double-hung window, painted in Classic Bronze to complement the home’s style and color.

New vinyl windows with wood installed on a Hutchinson home

New Windows are just a Call (or Click) Away!

Do you want to reduce energy bills, make your home feel more comfortable, and increase your property value? If so, ProVia new windows by Cheney Door Company are the right choice. You can also take advantage of special financing options with approved credit.

Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our expert window and door representatives. Please view our website for information on all available replacement window options and services. With 50 years of providing quality service and installation to Kansas, trust Cheney Door Company to deliver the excellent work your home deserves.

Call Cheney Door Company in Wichita at (316) 262-2098. You can stop by our showroom to begin imagining what beautiful new windows we could install throughout your home. For our Salina office, call (785) 820-8366. For our Hutchinson office, call (620) 669-9306.


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Improve Your Curb Appeal with a New Garage Door

Replacement windows aren’t the only great home improvement with a fantastic return on your investment. Learn about the #1 best financial improvement you can make on your home – replacing your old garage door!

Getting a new garage door is a financially smart home improvement

Is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

Kansas home with 2 garage doors

7 Easy Troubleshooting Steps to Fix a Broken Garage Door

Kansas home with 2 garage doors

Your wonderful automatic garage door is anything but convenient when it’s not working. You were probably taking the convenience of a working garage door for granted until you suddenly find yourself stuck with not being able to get in (or out of) your garage.

Why is your garage door not opening?

Whether you have a new garage door or an old one, unfortunately, problems can happen. While Cheney Door Company is here to provide repair service for any garage door (even if we didn’t install it), there are some things you can try yourself.

There are some troubleshooting steps to a garage door not opening that most homeowners can handle easily on their own.

7 troubleshooting steps to fixing a broken garage door not opening

7 Troubleshooting Steps to a Garage Door Not Opening

Step #1: Check your remote’s batteries

This is the easiest and quickest step. But not just that, a lot of the following steps won’t work without it. Be sure that your garage door remote has functioning batteries. Replace the battery and see if this immediately handles your problem.

Your remote control may have an LED light on it. If so, you may be able to know that its battery is dead just by seeing that the light is out.

PRO-TIP: Avoid this potential problem by having extra batteries ready and in your car. Check to see which type of battery your remote requires and put them on your shopping list today. You may save yourself a lot of time (and a big headache) if your remote’s batteries die on a day you really, really cannot be late.


Step #2: Check the wall unit

You want to rule out that the problem is not with the garage door remote itself.

First, you want to make sure the remote has access to tell your garage door to open. Check for a green light on your wall unit. If it is blinking, that means your remote is locked out from working. Just hold down the lock button for a few seconds to fix that.

If that wasn’t the problem, check to see if the wall-mounted opener is functioning. If the wall switch does open the door, you may want to reset the remote. This is typically an easy procedure. But because different openers have different ways of doing this, you will need your operator’s manual to reset your remote.


Don’t have your opener manual? You can usually find one available online from the manufacturer’s website. If you got your opener from Cheney Door, chances are you have a LiftMaster, a top-of-the-line series of openers both for residential and commercial. You can find the manual you need at LiftMaster’s website.

LiftMaster opener manufacturer logo

If you can’t locate your manual, call us at Cheney Door Company in Wichita at (316) 262-2098. We may be able to help give you directions over the phone. We would also be able to come out and fix the problem completely. We are available for 24/7 emergency service.


Step #3: Inspect the opener

First, you want to check to make sure it is plugged in. This is a surprisingly common problem. Whether someone knocked it out or it just got loose over time on its own, a garage door opener can inadvertently become unplugged. It may be just slightly loose, so be sure to push it in the outlet to ensure that it is entirely in.

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Step #4: Is the garage door locked?

While you’re inside your garage making sure the opener is plugged in, look to see if someone locked the garage door from inside.


Step #5: Does your home have power?

When your home doesn’t have electricity, your garage door will not work. If you are just arriving home when you encounter your garage door not working, it may not be obvious that you had a power outage.

If your power is on, there could be a breaker that was tripped and stopping the power from getting to your garage. Try resetting any flipped switches.

NOTE: If you’ve lost power to your home and need to exit your garage before power can be restored, you can lift the door by hand with the emergency release. The way to do that is with the pull cord (or switch) that releases the opener’s trolley from the chain drive. You can consult your opener’s operating manual for instructions on how to do that


Step #6: Dirty sensor

Your garage door should have a small safety sensor. This is called the photo eye. This sensor is located a few inches off the ground, and it casts a laser beam to detect objects. If it notices anything in the path, such as a child, it will keep your door from closing.

You simply need to wipe it with a soft rag in case there is any dirt or debris preventing the sensor from working correctly.

If you were having a problem with the door not shutting or not shutting all the way, it’s possible there is something, even a tiny twig or pile of leaves, that the photo eye is sensing. Move or sweep away anything that could be telling you signal to stop shutting the door.

book garage door repair


Step #7: Trolley connection

Is your garage door not opening but motor running?

In Step #5, we talked about how the trolly can be disengaged from your automatic opener if you need to open your garage during a power outage. It is possible that the trolley may have become engaged, and that is what is keeping your door from opening or closing.

This is a great time to consult the operator’s manual to see how to reengage the trolley.

There is a pull cord with most openers that lets you move the trolley along the track manually. If the trolley moves without the chain moving, it is not engaged. You may notice the spring coil is extended.

To reconnect the trolley, pull on the cord towards the garage door.  You should see that spring tighten up. Now you can pull the cord to move the trolley to the plate that allows it to connect with the opener’s chain.

Trolley can come off track and cause a garage door to not open

Garage Door Still Broken?

If you’ve tried all of the above 7 easy troubleshooting steps and your door still won’t open, then the problem is likely more complicated. Give Cheney a call at (316) 262-2098, and one of our expert repair technicians will be able to come out to diagnose and fix the problem completely. We’ve been installing and repairing garage doors for half a century, so you can trust us to get your door back up and running perfectly.

Is your garage door repairable?

Cheney Door Company truck at construction site in Salina, KSSometimes a garage door opener is beyond repair, especially if it’s very old. Was your opener installed more than 10 or 15 years ago? That could mean it’s time to consider getting a new opener installed. There have been significant advancements in garage door technology over the past decade, so you may find the many high-tech options now available to be a welcome change for your home!

You can request a free quote online from Cheney Door Company to get started on considering options for a new garage door or accessories.

Call Cheney Door Company for everything from a quick repair to a complete garage door replacement. In the Wichita area, call (316) 262-2098. In Hutchinson, call (620) 669-9306, and in Salina, call (785) 820-8366.

Time For a New Garage Door

Beautiful Salina home with installation of new garage doors by Cheney

Best Time to Replace a Garage Door

Why Spring is the Perfect Time for a Garage Upgrade

Beautiful Salina home with installation by Cheney, spring is best time to replace a garage door

Do you have a garage door that just isn’t working for you?

Have you been wanting to replace it for a while but wasn’t sure it was the right time?

Many people find themselves facing a growing list of home projects and that can feel overwhelming. Deciding what projects to get done and when can be difficult. Instead of replacing a garage door that you are not happy with, you push off dealing with it until later. But when is later?

If you find that your garage door has stopped working properly, that is sure to become a high priority. And the time to get a new one is now. However, there are many reasons why you should replace a garage door that is still operating.

There are many good reasons to get a new garage door installed. Cheney Door Company has been installing garage doors for homes for half a century. We’ve seen homeowners finally get the beautiful modern version they’ve wanted. Too many times we hear them say that they should have done it a long time ago.


Reason #1: It is not functioning well.

It can be frustrating to have something in your home not working as it should, but a garage door can be a real problem. You find yourself rushing out of the house and a problematic garage door will make you lose precious minutes (that you didn’t have).


Home with outdated garageReason #2: It is ugly, damaged, or outdated.

You may have one that is working just fine, but you don’t like the way it looks. Your home’s curb appeal is important, and your garage door plays a major role in that. Just because it is working does not mean you should keep it.

Getting a new, beautiful garage door is one of the biggest impacts on improving the look of your home’s exterior. Not only that, a new garage door is the cheapest home improvement project with the largest return for your money!


Reason #3: It is low tech.

Are you opening your garage door by hand? There is a lot of wonderful technology that makes accessing your garage easier than ever. Modern garage door openers are very high-tech. You can get one that improves the safety and security of your home. Some units even have Wi-Fi technology.

If you have a garage door that you love, but don’t love the way it opens, contact Cheney to see about getting a new garage door opener installed.


Reason #4: It is old.

Garage doors do not last forever. If you have an old one, you may soon face a time when it suddenly stops working. According to Popular Mechanics, the average garage door stops working the 13,476th time you use it.

How old is too old? A good one can be expected to last somewhere between 15 and 30 years.

However, a lot of factors go into how long a garage door will last. Was it professionally installed by a qualified technician? Is it made of durable materials? Garage doors will last longer if they have been getting regular proper maintenance over the years.


Brown garage doors in need of replacement


Beautiful wood garage door installed by Cheney Just as we head out of a cold Kansas winter, this is the perfect time to get that replacement job scheduled. During the winter, the harsh conditions can take a toll on your garage door. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can cause imperfections in wood and paint. Waiting until after the winter season has passed will keep those conditions from being a factor on a new door for many months.

The spring’s mild temperatures are ideal for a garage door replacement. Of course, our installers will tell you they would prefer to install a door in 70-degree weather instead of when it’s freezing or during a Kansas summer heat wave. But for the homeowner, temperature is a factor for you, too.

The work of installing a new one will mean you don’t have a closed garage door for periods of time. In the winter this can lead to a loss of heat in your home and in the summer, a loss of cool air.

Another great reason to get a new garage door in the spring is simply to have the job done before the summer. You may have a lot of plans and trips ahead of you over the summer months, and so getting this project completely done by then leaves one less thing off your plate. If upgrading your opener is part of the replacement, it will also provide you with much more functional and efficient access to enjoying your outdoor summer activities around your house.


Garage door options on display in Cheney Door Company showroom in WichitaGetting a new garage door can be more complicated than a lot of other home improvement projects. There is much more to this decision than just color. You have many factors and options to consider. From the style of door, style of window, to the material and color, you have a lot of options in getting the exact door that’s perfect for your home and style.

For some, it can seem like a daunting decision.

Fortunately, we’re here to help! Cheney Door Company specializes in garage door installation. We are happy to assist homeowners with every decision along the way. We provide free consultations to help you find the perfect one for your home.

Stop by our showroom to see and touch your garage possibilities. We have options on display at each of our 3 locations:


The first step to making a new garage door a reality is to call us! Request a free quote online from Cheney today. We will respond quickly to help get you the information and guidance to start making the decisions on your home’s garage upgrade.

Cheney Door Company has been installing garage doors in Kansas for 50 years!  A Cheney garage door you get installed this spring will look great and can be counted on to work perfectly for decades to come.

Give Cheney Door Company a call today. In Wichita, call (316) 262-2098. In Hutchinson call (620) 669-9306, and in Salina call (785) 820-8366.

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