Time For a New Garage Door

Beautiful Salina home with installation of new garage doors by Cheney

Best Time to Replace a Garage Door

Why Spring is the Perfect Time for a Garage Upgrade

Beautiful Salina home with installation by Cheney, spring is best time to replace a garage door

Do you have a garage door that just isn’t working for you?

Have you been wanting to replace it for a while but wasn’t sure it was the right time?

Many people find themselves facing a growing list of home projects and that can feel overwhelming. Deciding what projects to get done and when can be difficult. Instead of replacing a garage door that you are not happy with, you push off dealing with it until later. But when is later?

If you find that your garage door has stopped working properly, that is sure to become a high priority. And the time to get a new one is now. However, there are many reasons why you should replace a garage door that is still operating.

There are many good reasons to get a new garage door installed. Cheney Door Company has been installing garage doors for homes for half a century. We’ve seen homeowners finally get the beautiful modern version they’ve wanted. Too many times we hear them say that they should have done it a long time ago.


Reason #1: It is not functioning well.

It can be frustrating to have something in your home not working as it should, but a garage door can be a real problem. You find yourself rushing out of the house and a problematic garage door will make you lose precious minutes (that you didn’t have).


Home with outdated garageReason #2: It is ugly, damaged, or outdated.

You may have one that is working just fine, but you don’t like the way it looks. Your home’s curb appeal is important, and your garage door plays a major role in that. Just because it is working does not mean you should keep it.

Getting a new, beautiful garage door is one of the biggest impacts on improving the look of your home’s exterior. Not only that, a new garage door is the cheapest home improvement project with the largest return for your money!


Reason #3: It is low tech.

Are you opening your garage door by hand? There is a lot of wonderful technology that makes accessing your garage easier than ever. Modern garage door openers are very high-tech. You can get one that improves the safety and security of your home. Some units even have Wi-Fi technology.

If you have a garage door that you love, but don’t love the way it opens, contact Cheney to see about getting a new garage door opener installed.


Reason #4: It is old.

Garage doors do not last forever. If you have an old one, you may soon face a time when it suddenly stops working. According to Popular Mechanics, the average garage door stops working the 13,476th time you use it.

How old is too old? A good one can be expected to last somewhere between 15 and 30 years.

However, a lot of factors go into how long a garage door will last. Was it professionally installed by a qualified technician? Is it made of durable materials? Garage doors will last longer if they have been getting regular proper maintenance over the years.


Brown garage doors in need of replacement


Beautiful wood garage door installed by Cheney Just as we head out of a cold Kansas winter, this is the perfect time to get that replacement job scheduled. During the winter, the harsh conditions can take a toll on your garage door. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can cause imperfections in wood and paint. Waiting until after the winter season has passed will keep those conditions from being a factor on a new door for many months.

The spring’s mild temperatures are ideal for a garage door replacement. Of course, our installers will tell you they would prefer to install a door in 70-degree weather instead of when it’s freezing or during a Kansas summer heat wave. But for the homeowner, temperature is a factor for you, too.

The work of installing a new one will mean you don’t have a closed garage door for periods of time. In the winter this can lead to a loss of heat in your home and in the summer, a loss of cool air.

Another great reason to get a new garage door in the spring is simply to have the job done before the summer. You may have a lot of plans and trips ahead of you over the summer months, and so getting this project completely done by then leaves one less thing off your plate. If upgrading your opener is part of the replacement, it will also provide you with much more functional and efficient access to enjoying your outdoor summer activities around your house.


Garage door options on display in Cheney Door Company showroom in WichitaGetting a new garage door can be more complicated than a lot of other home improvement projects. There is much more to this decision than just color. You have many factors and options to consider. From the style of door, style of window, to the material and color, you have a lot of options in getting the exact door that’s perfect for your home and style.

For some, it can seem like a daunting decision.

Fortunately, we’re here to help! Cheney Door Company specializes in garage door installation. We are happy to assist homeowners with every decision along the way. We provide free consultations to help you find the perfect one for your home.

Stop by our showroom to see and touch your garage possibilities. We have options on display at each of our 3 locations:


The first step to making a new garage door a reality is to call us! Request a free quote online from Cheney today. We will respond quickly to help get you the information and guidance to start making the decisions on your home’s garage upgrade.

Cheney Door Company has been installing garage doors in Kansas for 50 years!  A Cheney garage door you get installed this spring will look great and can be counted on to work perfectly for decades to come.

Give Cheney Door Company a call today. In Wichita, call (316) 262-2098. In Hutchinson call (620) 669-9306, and in Salina call (785) 820-8366.

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