6 Best Home Remodeling Investments

Garage Door upgrade from Cheney Door Company

Best Home Remodeling Investment

How New Garage Doors or Windows Nearly Pays for Themselves

If you are like most homeowners, you have a long list of home improvement projects you want to get done. The ideas of how to improve your rooms and spaces can seem never ending. And sometimes, determining which projects to focus on or to prioritize can be difficult.


Front door installed by Cheney Door CompanyOne of the best ways to determine which home improvement project you should take on next is by looking at your home as an investment. You would want to focus first on the work that will bring you the most return on your investment (ROI).

There are a lot of ways a project’s ROI can be calculated. You can consider how much more you will be benefited by some projects more than others. Perhaps it’s a poorly functioning kitchen or an eyesore of a garage door on display for all the neighbors to see. But beyond the level of satisfaction, you could consider each upgrade will bring you, there is one very black-and-white method to calculate a home renovation’s ROI.


Which home improvement project will result in the biggest increase on the value of your home?

Remodeled white kitchenWhether you are looking to sell your home soon or not for another decade or two, a homeowner should make sure the home improves its value. What projects will help you best do that? If you spend $20,000 on a kitchen renovation but that only increases your home’s value by $10,000, then you will only get 50% of the money you spent.

Very rarely will you ever get 100% back of the money you spent on an upgrade. But it sometimes does happen. According to a new survey, one of the cheapest home renovation projects you can do is estimated to net you back nearly every penny you spent on it.

That one home project is getting a new garage door. Keep reading to see how much of a good investment this is.

The EVER-CHANGING Real Estate Market

You have probably heard stories of how much certain projects will improve the value of your home. But what was a great investment for resale 12 years ago (or even 5 years ago) is not the same as it is today. Trends and homebuyer expectations are constantly changing.

Advice you heard on a rerun of an HGTV show to add on a bedroom or get a new deck may have been true ten years ago, but not today. So, if getting work done that increases your home’s value is important, you want to be sure you are making decisions based on current market information.

What is important to the value of your home in 2022? The answer might surprise you. We have broken down information from Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs Value report to show you the best 6 home renovations for the highest financial return on investment. Do any of the house projects on your list make this list?

Top 6 financially smart home improvements

More than 20 popular home improvement projects were factored into this list. These fare much better than a lot of other home improvement projects. Renovations that were once top ROI options like getting a new bathroom addition on or doing a major kitchen remodel, won’t likely result in even getting a 40% return on the money you spend this year.

New garage door in Wichita, KS home - the best home remodeling investment


As you can see by the above list, not only is a garage door replacement one that pays off, it’s also just about the cheapest listed renovation you can do. But there is even more reason why it’s a smart investment to make on your home.

Ask any real estate agent about remodeling projects and they’ll add another reason why getting a new garage door is ideal for someone looking to sell their home right now. This upgrade won’t just likely raise the amount you’ll be offered, but it will increase how much quicker those bids will come in.

We cannot underestimate how important curb appeal is in selling a home. Many buyers will show up to see a house and be so turned off by the exterior that they won’t even get out of their vehicle. You can’t sell a home if people are too turned off by the outside to be willing to see the inside.

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Best Time to Get a Garage Door Installation

Many people who have done upgrades on a home they are preparing to sell have experienced a similar kind of regret. They regretted waiting so long to get the work done. While the renovations did make their home sell for more money (and probably more quickly), they didn’t get to enjoy the upgrades of their home while living in it themselves.

Whether it was the beauty and functionality of a new garage door or the convenience of an additional bathroom, getting the home improvement project your house needs before you’re ready to sell it means you will actually get to enjoy it.

A Cheney Garage Door you get installed today will still be looking great and working perfectly for decades to come. In fact, potential house buyers can be rest assured that you had a door installed by the proven and trusted Kansas company who are experts at installing commercial and residential garage doors. We have been installing garage doors in Kansas for 50 years!

Garage Door upgrade from Cheney Door Company



Getting a new garage door for your home isn’t just a national trend. When it comes to making a smart investment for your home, upgrading your garage door is one of the best things you can do in the Wichita real estate market and across Kansas.

Variety of garage door material options on display at Cheney Door showroom in WichitaCheney Door Company provides professional garage door installation here in Wichita. We also have a location in Salina and one in Hutchinson. We can bring you a variety of options to find the perfect garage door to fit your home, and one that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Scroll through our various types of window styles, textures, and colors to start imaging how your home could look.

You can visit our showrooms at any of our three locations. We can walk you through the various options you have for a beautiful new garage door. We provide a custom consultation to your needs and will give you a free estimate for your new garage door and professional installation.

Give us a call in Wichita at (316) 262-2098. In Hutchinson call (620) 669-9306 and in Salina call (785) 820-8366.


Dog door, a home improvement project available from Cheney Door Company

While this list included the biggest projects that can increase the value of a home, there are a lot of smaller home improvements that can really improve your living space and your home’s value. Cheney Door Company provides a variety of smart home solutions that make life easier. Take a look at the variety of other projects you can consider for your home:

When you’re ready to see how a new garage door, new windows or dozens of other renovation projects could improve your home, give Cheney Door Company a call. In Wichita, call (316) 262-2098. In Hutchinson call (620) 669-9306, and in Salina call (785) 820-8366.

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